Friday, 27 July 2012

HTML - Adding music to your site

Hi everyone!!

  Here is a very simple code that adds music to your webpage....try it, its really nice....

        Paste an audio file in the same folder as your webpage and give its name in the embed src="song name" with extension like song.mp3 or you can specify its complete path if song located in some other folder.

   Here is the code:

<EMBED SRC="song.mp3" AUTOSTART=true WIDTH=134 HEIGHT=70 LOOP=2>

<html> <head><style type="text/css"> div {border:2px solid #a1a1;padding:10px 40px; background:#ffdddd;width:300px;border-radius:25px;-moz-border-radius:40px; }

</style></head><body><br><br><div>song name here</div></body></html>

    Hope it was useful!!

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